Repurposing 3D print waste

Handy Dan’s has been running for a number of years and as many 3D print companies will know there can often be an influx of unsuccessful projects leading to waste materials. These waste materials usually find their way into the bin as they can’t be recycled by local councils; the only other option is to hold onto them in the hopes that something or someone will come along with a means of successfully repurposing them.

Our business is proud to say that it is one of the few that has found a way to reuse its waste materials and turn them into one of a kind household items. We always encourage other businesses to find there own way to reuse, repurpose & recycle there failed prints and waste materials (support structure) but if the company feels that they would not be able to carry out a successful repurpose programme Handy Dan’s is delighted to announce that IT IS accepting other companies unwanted PLA, PETG and RUBBER-POLYMER, if you have a non-listed material and you want to find out if we accept it then please send us an e-mail via the contact us section.

Pots made from recycled material
Clock made from recycled material
Coasters made from recycled material